Calaxy Collaborates with hashport, an Interoperability Solution Built on Hedera

3 min readFeb 16, 2022


hashport, a public utility that facilitates the secure movement of digital assets between DLT networks, is excited to have Calaxy, the open social marketplace built for and by creators, as a member of its validator network.

Calaxy forms an integral part of hashport’s network, running one of the 9 network validator nodes alongside other industry-leading organisations such as Polygon, Animoca Brands, the HBAR Foundation, HEX Trust, Worldpay by FIS, StableNode/Maker Growth, BCW, and LimeChain.

As a validator, Calaxy helps to secure the hashport network, facilitating the seamless flow of digital assets and connectivity of data by harnessing the power of the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS). HCS enables hashport to provide quick and secure transactions. Currently, hashport connects assets between the Hedera, Ethereum, Polygon networks; with many more being integrated in the months and years to come.

Through hashport, it is expected that Calaxy’s native token $CLXY will be available for use on both the Ethereum and Polygon networks. This opens the door to enabling collateralisation, lending, staking, and more for the token. In addition to supporting fungible $CLXY tokens, the portal is also expected to allow Calaxy Collectible (NFTs) to be migrated onto Ethereum and Polygon-based marketplaces such as OpenSea.

This partnership underpins Calaxy’s work of building a holistic user-first ecosystem for its community, aimed at enriching creator-fan relationships by leveraging the benefits of blockchain interoperability as a foundational aspect of its market strategy. The deployment of hashport enables secure, uncomplicated experiences for cross-network asset settlement, helping to empower Calaxy’s vision for the creator economy.

As a network validator, Calaxy will also help to facilitate hashport’s governance structure in acting as a council member. Calaxy will aid in overseeing future network and token integrations, new feature additions, and organisation of the product roadmap. Cooper Kunz, CTO at Calaxy, serves as a representative on the hashport governing council.

In February 2022, hashport and Calaxy will collaborate on a number of live discussions, giving each respective community the opportunity to engage with these projects through Q&A segments. Stay tuned on our social channels: Twitter and LinkedIn, where more details of these upcoming panel discussions will be announced shortly.

About Calaxy

Calaxy is the social marketplace built for creators, by creators. Built and backed by a team of visionaries, and spearheaded by co-founders NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie and ex-financier Solo Ceesay, Calaxy is an entirely new approach to the world of content creators, putting today’s fan right at the center of the action.

Utilizing the Hedera network, a blockchain alternative that harnesses the power of the hashgraph consensus algorithm, Calaxy’s open social marketplace creates a fair exchange of value, enabling creators to monetize relationships with their community through Creator Tokens, which fans can utilize for a suite of personalized experiences. Learn more about Calaxy and the broader Creator’s Galaxy, as well as follow our Twitter for more updates.

About hashport

hashport is the enterprise-grade public utility that facilitates the movement of digital assets between distributed networks, extending their functionality in a quick, secure, and cost-effective way. In order to remain platform-neutral, hashport functions without the use of a proprietary token. The network is built on a robust and performant architecture, secured and operated by a group of industry-leading validator partners from around the world. hashport has passed a rigorous security audit and follows industry best practices; regularly performing comprehensive network tests to ensure the integrity of the network.

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