hashport Validator Spotlight Series: The HBAR Foundation

3 min readAug 18, 2022


We are proud to announce that The HBAR Foundation is the next hashport validator in our “Validator Spotlight Series”, where we dive into the exemplary work of our validators. The HBAR Foundation began near the end of 2021, intending to contribute over $2B towards the growth and adoption of the Hedera ecosystem. A unique aspect of The HBAR Foundation is that they are neither token issuers nor network governors, which gives them unparalleled flexibility in stewarding development on Hedera.

The hashport Validator Swarm
The HBAR Foundation is one of nine industry-leading organisations that comprise the hashport validator swarm. These organisations each run a node on the network, contributing to consensus and maintaining security. The HBAR Foundation accompanies Polygon, Animoca Brands, Hex Trust, Calaxy, Worldpay by FIS, MakerDAO, BCW, and LimeChain within the swarm. As a prominent foundation within the space, and closely related to one of our supported networks, The HBAR Foundation is a quality participant in our validator swarm.

How The HBAR Foundation = Increased Adoption of Hedera
The HBAR Foundation is looking to increase the adoption and growth of Hedera through multiple channels. To assist in Hedera’s blossoming into a vibrant, well-rounded ecosystem, The HBAR Foundation has set up numerous funds dedicated to specific aspects of the industry. These include:

  • Sustainable Impact Fund: Focusing on furthering environmental markets and establishing the global sustainability economy on Hedera
  • Female Founders Fund: Focusing on growing female-led initiatives and bringing these ideas to Hedera
  • Crypto Economy Fund: This fund focuses on building solutions that improve Hedera’s economic production and consumption.
  • Metaverse Fund: Designed to bring consumers into the Hedera ecosystem at scale and accelerate the development of metaverse applications.
  • Fintech & Payments Fund: Looking to fund major fintech integrations and support finance and payment applications for key use cases, prioritising a modular, API-first approach.
  • Privacy Market Development Fund: Focusing on supporting developers in building privacy-preserving technologies in the Hedera Ecosystem.
  • BCW Market Development Fund: Focusing on rapidly expanding the ecosystem at the intersection of distributed ledger technology and digital assets with an initiative that supports the development and growth of the Hedera network.

With the creation of a plethora of funds, each focusing on growing a different aspect of the Hedera ecosystem, there is no shortage of exciting opportunities on The HBAR Foundation’s radar. We at hashport are very excited about what the future of Hedera has to offer.

In August, hashport and The HBAR Foundation will collaborate for a Twitter spaces to discuss all things Hedera and what the community can expect going forward. We’ll cover the various funds established by The HBAR Foundation and how to apply for grants, the growth of DeFi and NFTs on Hedera, and why interoperability is critical for the growth of the ecosystem.

Stay tuned on our social channels: Twitter and LinkedIn, where more details of these upcoming discussions will be announced shortly.

About hashport
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