Spaces Review: Google, Hedera, Arkhia, & hashport

4 min readSep 27, 2022

Earlier in September, Hashport participated in a Twitter Spaces with some of the biggest names in the web 3 space — Google Cloud and Hedera. We were joined by Simon Baksys, Google Cloud’s Web3 Go-to-Market Lead, Google Cloud’s Head of Web3 Strategy Richard Widmann, Arkhia CTO Daniel Costa, Arkhia’s Head of Business Ethan Lee, and Hashport’s Director of Business Development Jesse Whiteside. Hosted by Swirlds Labs’ Michella Cerone (Mica), more than 5,100 people tuned in to listen to the speakers discuss the recent partnership, market insights, project milestones, and visions for the future of DeFi. Listen to what was discussed in the AMA, and read on for some noteworthy quotes:

From my perspective, and from Google’s perspective, we’re just really excited to talk to each and every person that’s on this twitter space. Beyond that, listening to the community, helping the community build, and participating. There are so many opportunities and the space will continue to grow, especially as we are at Mainnet right now. The post-COVID and in-person world allows us to push the boundaries there and just listen. — Simon Baksys, Go-to-Market Lead, Web3 — Google Cloud

I am optimistic about a lot of things. There are two metrics that people should be following: obviously everyone’s paying attention to what’s going on in the macro markets, but the thing that we stare at constantly is the developer adoption rates across a lot of the Layer 1s. It’s realy unidirectional. We see a lot of people moving traditional application development into dApps and Web3-specific application development. I’m really optimistic to keep watching the chart continue to go up and to the right. Getting to speak to the community is one of our favourite things to do. This is not how normal product areas generally function at large companies — we try to break that mold. — Rich Widmann, Head of Web3 Strategy — Google Cloud

There’s certainly a lull in the market. What we’re excited about is we know that from these bear markets is where really the more resilient and persistent dApps get built, to be able to weather through the bear market. Coming at a time where it’s been a much more challenging environment, being fostered and incubated during this period really helps us to be much more resilient to build and be future-proof. We’re really excited about that. At this point in our journey, it’s been both very challenging and exciting for us, but we certainly couldn’t have done it without the support from Simon and Richard. We believe that the next bull run is going to be just around the corner. I’m extremely confident that our service is going to be foolproof into the future. — Ethan Lee, Head of Business, Arkhia

I’m very optimistic about the creative potential, what developers will come up with, [and] what kind of products will come in in the foreseeable future. Hopefully Arkhia will be sitting on the backbone of that, [as] … a toolkit in the back. Hopefully in the future we can say that Arkhia provided services which helped amazing products [to be] brought to life. — Daniel Costa, Head of Technology, Arkhia

From my perspective, the last four years have been really valuable for the space in setting the stage that we’re now starting to see take shape. It’s really exciting to see the leading global web organisation, Google, taking open and active steps towards fostering growth, and enabling platforms like Arkhia and hashport to provide services … [for] … the next 100 million devs and billion users... I’m really looking forward to what’s in store for everyone as we move forward... — Jesse Whiteside, Director of Business Development, Hashport

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