Union Finance’s $UNN is now live on Hashport!

3 min readNov 4, 2022


Hashport is excited to announce $UNN as the latest token to be integrated onto the platform. With this integration, the $UNN token can now be ported across the Ethereum and Hedera networks.

What is Union Finance?
Union Finance is a KYC-resistant, P2P, permissionless marketplace that limits users’ risks in DeFi strategies. It combines bundled protection with a multi-token model allowing DeFi enthusiasts to manage their multi-layer risks across smart contracts and protocols in one scalable system. They are focused on providing risk-minimized solutions for users and participants of DeFi Markets. Its full-stack DeFi protection brings capital and pricing models from traditional finance to the DeFi ecosystem.

What is $UNN?
$UNN is the Union Protocol Governance Token and it can be used for a variety of purposes such as voting on protection claims and related conflict resolution, adjusting risk parameters, or adjusting incentive programs.

“We’re really excited to be working with the Hashport team! They have been able to provide top expertise and guidance, as we have been learning more about the Hedera ecosystem. We’re truly thankful for their partnership in this space.” — Michael Beck, UNION’s Project Lead.

“Being able to support emergent platforms like Union Finance to quickly and easily migrate their token and dApp onto the Hedera Public Network where they will receive immediate and significant boosts in performance, security, fairness, cost reduction, and environmental efficiency is incredibly exciting for Hashport. We expect many more dApps to follow in their footsteps!” — Jesse Whiteside

$UNN Token Addresses
$UNN Ethereum Contract Address: 0x226f7b842E0F0120b7E194D05432b3fd14773a9D
$UNN[hts] Hedera Token ID: 0.0.1345954

If you’re attempting to port $UNN tokens and have any questions, please refer to Hashport’s FAQ page here. If you require further assistance, you can reach out to support@hashport.network for additional help.

About Union Finance:
UNION Finance is a decentralized platform focused on providing risk minimization solutions for users and participants of DeFi Markets. The UNION protocol is a technology platform that combines bundled protection with a multi-token model and allows DeFi participants to manage their multi-layer risks across smart contracts and protocols in one scalable system.

UNION’s mission is to provide a protection marketplace, protocol, and provide software that pairs risk takers in DeFi with parties willing to sponsor those risks, in return for premium payments.

About hashport:
hashport is the enterprise-grade public utility that facilitates the movement of digital assets between distributed networks, extending their functionality in a quick, secure, and cost-effective way. In order to remain platform-neutral, hashport functions without the use of a proprietary token. The network is built on a robust and performant architecture, secured and operated by a group of industry-leading validator partners from around the world. hashport has passed a rigorous security audit and follows industry best practices; regularly performing comprehensive network tests to ensure the integrity of the network.

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